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DAS WORLDWIDE FREIGHT INT'L has been providing the following services since 1990.

Service offer includes

  • Cargo Marine Insurance-ocean, air, domestic and warehouse.
  • Cargo Legal Liability
  • Hull & Liability
  • Charters Legal Liability
  • Stevedores Legal Liability
  • Marine Operators Legal Liability
  • Special Risk Insurance Programs
  • Marine Risk Management Services
  • Project Cargo Handling & Maritime Services
  • For Project Forwarding & Handling, DAS WORLDWIDE FREIGHT INT'L makes full use of its proprietary national & international network of offices, linked together with our sophisticated, integrated computer systems.

Our multi-related scope of capabilities means clients can depend on DAS WORLDWIDE FREIGHT INT'L to plan, co-ordinate, supervise and monitor the entire move. We do feasibility studies, check packaging options, and arrange storage and insurance, take care of all bookings, receive goods from subcontractors, prepare all documentation, supervise transit and coordinate the entire project.
Pricing is offered either and "all-in-one" basis or tailored to a per-unit factor, depending upon each client's needs. Regardless of the numerous elements involved or the myriad of details, rest assured you would be dealing with one company only.

Our comprehensive door-to-door service is tailored to fit your exact project or ocean export requirements, so we can:

  • Act as traffic manager
  • Direct vendor coordination
  • Prepare documents for shipping
  • Trace shipments, provide status
  • Arrange all heavy-lift gear
  • Provide banking services
  • Provide full destination customs and delivery services
  • Arrange inland transport
  • Arrange full or partial vessel charters
  • Door-to-Door Service

DAS WORLDWIDE FREIGHT INT'L ' s Door-to-Door is the service for documents, parcels, samples etc. Integrating the DAS WORLDWIDE FREIGHT INT'L 's expertise and many years of experience in the transportation field was recently developed in order to meet the changing requirements of transportation.
DAS WORLDWIDE FREIGHT INT'L has launched this service with the nationwide transportation network, and up-to-date computer system and skilled human resources.
DAS WORLDWIDE FREIGHT INT'L deal with your DOOR-to-DOOR shipment for your requirement so that your valuable time is spent on your core business. DAS WORLDWIDE FREIGHT INT'L is 100% professional on the Integrated Logistics Transport.
Our qualified and experienced staffs are trained to handle all types of cargo and can tailor the shipping process to meet your particular requirements.
For Automation, DAS WORLDWIDE FREIGHT INT'L has selected the optimal traffic management system to cover all aspects of its traffic and distribution services including Import and Export shipment documentation, consolidation, reporting and financial analysis. The fully computerized system puts us at the head of the information highway in the Transportation Industry.